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How do I shop online?

Holmes Place lifestyle e-shop is your inspiration for a healthy lifestyle, and it is also inspiration for those who want to buy gifts for friends or family. After simple and fast registration and payment confirmation, all provided services will be sent to your e-mail as a voucher. The voucher is activated when you receive it, and is valid until the indicated date. The voucher can be printed or downloaded to your smart phone. You must show your valid voucher when using a service.

How I can pay to for my voucher?

You can choose from four payment options at our e-shop:

How long am I suppose to wait to receive my voucher?

You will receive your voucher as soon as it is credited to our bank account, which varies according to the chosen payment option:

What if I don’t use my voucher before it expires?

Throughout the period of validity, we can guarantee the possibility to exchange your voucher for another service at the same value. There is no guarantee after its expiration and you cannot use the voucher any more. To avoid this situation, we will send you a notification 7 days in advance.

Is possible to exchange my voucher or ask for money back?

Throughout the period of validity we can guarantee the possibility to exchange your voucher for another service at the same value. We guarantee money back within 14 days of purchase. To exchange your voucher or for money back, please contact us at:

Where can I check the order process?

You can check your order at your user account on our web page. Registration only takes a few minutes. Click on the “My account” button at the right top corner and fill in the simple registration form. All orders made on your account after registration will show up on your user profile in the “My orders” section.

What does the “Gift package” entail?

You have the option to purchase a voucher in a gift package to give to someone else. The gift package will be prepared at the reception desk at any of Holmes Place clubs after showing your valid voucher. The gift package costs 1€.

If you have any questions not answered above, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Thank you!